Striped Shore Crabs eat everything from kelp to snails. Although they must wet their gills occasion- ally, they can stay out of the water up to 70 hours, according to Animal Diversity Web.

A Deep Look Into the Shallows

February 27, 2019

As the tide retreats and the coast returns from submergence, the abundance of marine life becomes ap...

New Science Classes

Juliana Griswold

February 27, 2019

Another school year is just around the corner, so class registration is on many students’ minds. To keep track of the new additions and adjustments to Palo Alto High School’s science classes, here are the details on updated courses for the coming school year. New Courses: Blended Marine Biology Human Body System...

Art by Maya Anderson, Photo by Nicole Adamson

Garbage Bin or Garden

November 28, 2018

I have heard the scraping sound of tiny fish eating the algae from green sea turtles’ shells, and I...

Olah discusses questions with his AP Biology students Naomi Jekcer-Eshel (left) and Nathan Strope (right). Although he enjoys teaching, one benefit of teaching fewer classes is the reduced grading, according to Olah. Photo by Anna Tomz

Q&A With New Science Instructional Lead Erik Olah

October 12, 2018

Teaching transition After 15 years teaching, 12 of which at Palo Alto High School, Erik Olah is now ...

Assistant Principal Tom Keating shows off Spot, his pet Leopard Gecko.

Turtles to Teaching

October 12, 2018

“We’d jump from the boat and grab them [green sea turtles], and you’d grab their flippers and ...