New Science Classes

Another school year is just around the corner, so class registration is on many students’ minds. To keep track of the new additions and adjustments to Palo Alto High School’s science classes, here are the details on updated courses for the coming school year.

New Courses:

  • Blended Marine Biology
  • Human Body Systems
  • Medical Interventions

Removed Courses:

  • Blended AP Biology
  • Differentiated Chemistry
  • Nanotechnology
  • Non-Blended Marine Biology

Human Body Systems is a new elective for juniors and seniors. Compared to Anatomy and Physiology, a similar class, Human Body Systems aims to be more hands-on, according to Science Instructional Leader, Erik Olah.

Medical Interventions is another new elective for upperclassmen and focuses on real life scenarios faced in the medical field.

Both of these new courses will be a continuation of the Project Lead the Way Pathway, a program that has been integrated into freshman biology. The program introduces a project-based curriculum to science classes.

Marine Biology is now only offered as a blended class. AP Biology will still be offered, but no longer as a blended course.

Nanotechnology, a class which has in the past been funded by Foothill College, will no longer be offered next year. Olah cites Foothill’s inability to continue funding the class as the reason for the cancellation.