Science Department Instructional Lead Erik Olah points to the location of four new classrooms. The latest floor plans show the expansion in the administration portion of the building. “Potentially we are going to expand [the teachers’] area of the building and add more teachers’ desks,” Olah said.

In The Works

February 27, 2019

Just as the library renovation is completed, plans are in place to begin construction on the improvements...

Olah discusses questions with his AP Biology students Naomi Jekcer-Eshel (left) and Nathan Strope (right). Although he enjoys teaching, one benefit of teaching fewer classes is the reduced grading, according to Olah. Photo by Anna Tomz

Q&A With New Science Instructional Lead Erik Olah

October 12, 2018

Teaching transition After 15 years teaching, 12 of which at Palo Alto High School, Erik Olah is now ...