In The Works

Budget uncertainties threaten science building expansion


Science Department Instructional Lead Erik Olah points to the location of four new classrooms. The latest floor plans show the expansion in the administration portion of the building. “Potentially we are going to expand [the teachers’] area of the building and add more teachers’ desks,” Olah said.

Josephine Andersen

Just as the library renovation is completed, plans are in place to begin construction on the improvements of Palo Alto High School’s science building. 

This new project is among the last to be funded by the Strong School Bond; however, funds may be insufficient. Current construction bids for the expansion are double the budget, leaving the future of the renovations uncertain.

The expansion has long been set to include four new classrooms facing the Peery Family Center, as well as the enhancement of the teachers’ office in the center of the building.

According to Assistant Principal Jerry Berkson, there is no official construction timeline set yet.

“My hope would be that the classrooms would be done before school starts this following [school] year [fall 2019],” said Science Instructional Lead Erik Olah.

Although the majority of the construction was set to take place over the summer, some disruptions are expected during the school year. 

“We are going to ask them to be as quiet as they can,” Olah said. “I think there are some sound barriers they can put up to help neutralize some of the sound, but we will be able to hear it.”